Parking Lot Yakitori: Namba Yatai Yumeya (Sennichimae)

I went to Yumeya 夢屋 last night, the yakitori place in the parking lot. It really was some of the best yakitori I have ever had. You get a big portion for 150 yen. The meat is fully cooked. Incredible. I brought my wife there and she loved it. Great atmosphere.15-20 people can easily fitContinue reading “Parking Lot Yakitori: Namba Yatai Yumeya (Sennichimae)”

Koushiya (Namba Sennichimae)

Koushiya (子牛屋) Located 10 seconds away from Yumeya. Tiny standing yakiniku place that fits no more than 6 people. Feels like you stepped into Japan in the 1950s (It actually started off as a postwar black market shop). You cook your own meat on a shichirin. They have six dishes: tan (tongue)、mino (tripe)、kokoro (heart) haramiContinue reading “Koushiya (Namba Sennichimae)”