Koushiya (Namba Sennichimae)

Koushiya (子牛屋) Located 10 seconds away from Yumeya. Tiny standing yakiniku place that fits no more than 6 people. Feels like you stepped into Japan in the 1950s (It actually started off as a postwar black market shop). You cook your own meat on a shichirin. They have six dishes: tan (tongue)、mino (tripe)、kokoro (heart) harami (tender meat around the diaphragm.) tsurami (?) . All 600. The sauce contains a lot of green onions. Excellent. Beer: daibin is 500. I recommend having one or two dishes at this place before going to Yumeya or Marufuku. Not a place you stay at for more than 30 minutes. Very Expensive if you don’t watch what you order! I had a great time talking to the other customers. Open from 大阪市中央区千日前2-5-12 (Sennichimae 2-5-12) Koushiya (子牛屋)


Koushiya is the tiny place on the left side of the street (see last photo). Make a right at Bic Camera. Walk 1 1/2 blocks. You’ll see the Parking sign and an alley (Two doors down from to Nishinoryu chanko nabe restaurant). Or simply get out of exit 25 of Namba Walk



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