Hitomi Saketen 人見酒店 in Ebie

by Matt Kaufman

I’ve been meaning to come to this place in Ebie for 3-4 years. It was closed the first rime I went with a few friends after drinking around Noda Hanshin Station. Went there the other day and it was fantastic! 300 yen Kirin beer (not happoshu) in a nice sized glass. Chuhai and shochu only 200 yen. Sake 320 yen. Huge selection of whiskey and scotch. The young master was a really friendly guy. He told us Hitomi Saketen is 90 years old. It underwent a renewal 11 years ago. Nice long bar and plenty of space in the back. He gave me his meishi and his last name is 人見 so I assume he is the grandson(?) of the original owner. We had the homemade hamburger set of two and a bag of Doritos served in a plate. Ebie is a great place to explore and it is nice to have a bar to go to after drinking in Nakagawa Saketen near Nodahanshin Station. About a 12 minute walk from Nodahanshin Station. 大阪府大阪市福島区海老江3丁目6−19 Osaka-shi Fukushima-ku Ebie 3 chome 6-19.
電話: 06-6451-6523

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