Stand Takachiho スタンド 高千穂

by Matt Kaufman

Stand Takachiho is a popular little spot at the end of the Sanno Shotengai that attracts a mixed crowd of all ages. It’s a family owned business run by a delightful purple haired mama in her 80s. I was surprised that Takahiro has only been in business for two years. It seems like it has been around for decades. They are famous for their wonderful hot egg club sandwiches (¥480)

All food 250-700
Beer: Daibin 460
Chuhai 300~
Hi Ball 330
Sake 300~
Glass of wine 380~

Draft beer
Small 200
Medium 400
Large 500
Mega 780


西成区山王3-18-16 Nishinari Sanno 3-18-16
Osaka 557-0001

From Subway Dobutsuenmae Exit 2 Walk into the shotegai and walk all the way down until the shotengai completely ends. Takachiho is on the left. Open 17:00-23:00. Closed Sunday and Monday.



2 thoughts on “Stand Takachiho スタンド 高千穂

  1. Hi, I really enjoy going through your blog, especially the posts about zines and the underground music scene!! (well, the scene back then anyway) Would love to see more posts from you – maybe some scans from your own personal archive of English/Japanese zines produced in Japan? Or just more ramblings about music!! :))))))

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