A Random Glossary of Useful Drinking Terms in Japan

A Drinkers Guide to Useful Drinking Terms in Japan* *Work in progress. by Matthew M. Kaufman Tachinomiya (立ち飲み屋 )a standing bar. Kakuuchi (角打ち)A combined liquor store and bar that sells canned and simple bar food. You usually can take cans and bottles of  out of the refrigerator and drink them at the bar. Whiskey andContinue reading “A Random Glossary of Useful Drinking Terms in Japan”

難波マルフクMarufuku (Namba)

by Matt Kaufman Located across the street from Bic Camera. Cross the Sennichimae and walk into the shotengai. Turn right at the takoyaki restaurant with the red awning . Marufuku is the third restaurant down. The master is a very friendly guy from the Philippines who has lived in Osaka for 30 years. Marufuku specializesContinue reading “難波マルフクMarufuku (Namba)”