Sankaku Shokudo 三角食堂@Kishinosato Tamade

by Matt Kaufman

A short walk from Tamade Kishinosato Station on the Nankai Line, Sankaku Shokudo is a cozy little dive located in a triangle shaped building that has been serving locals for over 30 years. We got the oyakko domburi (¥550) and the niku itami (¥450). Definitely off the beaten path. Has yet to be discovered by bloggers and YouTubers. The Tamade Shotengai is nearby and you can visit the first Tamade Super. 大阪府大阪市西成区玉出中1-12-22 Osaka shi Nishinari ku Tamade Naka 1-12-22Open Mon-Sat 10-15:00 19:00-21:00.

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