Searching for Kampai-Man at Sake no Daimaru

       酒の大丸 @ 都島

by Matt Kaufman

Inspired by the documentary, Searching For Sugarman, Shorinji Wes Osaka and I set out in the pouring rain to Sake no Daimaru in Miyakojima to find the legendary drinker who graced the cover of a book on Osaka dive bars that was published in 2003. We showed the book to a few of the regulars and a woman said “Oh, that is _______ san. He is usually here at this time but he doesn’t come when it’s raining hard outside.” We sat in the same seat as the legend and tried to recreate his awesomeness. Maybe next time we’ll get to drink with the man himself. The food here is excellent especially the sashimi moriawase. We also ordered karaage, iwashi fry (sardines), aji fry (deep fried horse mackerel) and tara shirako (Cod Fish Milt)

Sake no Daimaru 谷町線都島駅1番出口を出て、徒歩3分です。 3 minute walk from exit #1 Miyakojima Station on the Tanimachi Line. Make a right after three blocks住所 大阪府大阪市都島区都島本通3-25-7 Miyakojima Hondori 3-25-715:00~23:00 Open Sun

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