A Random Glossary of Useful Drinking Terms in Japan

A Drinkers Guide to Useful Drinking Terms in Japan* *Work in progress. by Matthew M. Kaufman Tachinomiya (立ち飲み屋 )a standing bar. Kakuuchi (角打ち)A combined liquor store and bar that sells canned and simple bar food. You usually can take cans and bottles of  out of the refrigerator and drink them at the bar. Whiskey andContinue reading “A Random Glossary of Useful Drinking Terms in Japan”

難波マルフクMarufuku (Namba)

by Matt Kaufman Located across the street from Bic Camera. Cross the Sennichimae and walk into the shotengai. Turn right at the takoyaki restaurant with the red awning . Marufuku is the third restaurant down. The master is a very friendly guy from the Philippines who has lived in Osaka for 30 years. Marufuku specializesContinue reading “難波マルフクMarufuku (Namba)”

Stand Takachiho スタンド 高千穂

by Matt Kaufman Stand Takachiho is a popular little spot at the end of the Sanno Shotengai that attracts a mixed crowd of all ages. It’s a family owned business run by a delightful purple haired mama in her 80s. I was surprised that Takahiro has only been in business for two years. It seemsContinue reading “Stand Takachiho スタンド 高千穂”

Hitomi Saketen 人見酒店 in Ebie

by Matt Kaufman I’ve been meaning to come to this place in Ebie for 3-4 years. It was closed the first rime I went with a few friends after drinking around Noda Hanshin Station. Went there the other day and it was fantastic! 300 yen Kirin beer (not happoshu) in a nice sized glass. ChuhaiContinue reading “Hitomi Saketen 人見酒店 in Ebie”

Ichifuku (Takoyaki/Ikayaki) 一富久 Destination Hanazono Part 2

by Matt Kaufman Address:大阪府 大阪市西成区 花園南 1-9-31  Osaka-shi Nishinari-ku Hanazono 1-9-13 Tel: 06-6657-0225   Open: Wednesday to Sunday. 11;00-19:30. Open on National Holidays. Closed Mon, Tues Nearest Station; Hanazono Station Exit 3-B (5 minutes) Nankai Tengachaya West Exit 10 minutes Type: Takoyaki, Ikayaki Founded: 1958 Beer: Asahi Super Dry Can ¥300 yen with set.  Continue reading “Ichifuku (Takoyaki/Ikayaki) 一富久 Destination Hanazono Part 2”


by Matt Kaufman Tamayu Ramen Tengaiten (タマユラメン天外天) AKA 博多ラーメン天外天 Address: 大阪府大阪市西成区松1-2-13  Osaka-shi Nishinari-ku Matsu 1-2-13 Open: Everyday from 11;30-14:00,  18:00-05:00) Nearest Station; Hanazono Station Exit 3-B (5 minutes) Nankai Tengachaya West Exit 6 minutes Type: Chinese Restaurant Founded: ? Beer: Asahi Super Dry Medium Bottle: 500 yen       I decided to set off in searchContinue reading “DESTINATION HANAZONO (Part I)”

Kuise Station (Hyogo) & Chibune Station (Osaka)

by Matt Kaufman 12.30.2017 I took the train from Hanshin Namba (which I had no idea existed until today), towards Amagasaki and changed trains for the Umeda line at Daimotsu.  I got off one stop later at Kuise Station. The entire ride took 20 minutes, much shorter than expected, but I managed to finish readingContinue reading “Kuise Station (Hyogo) & Chibune Station (Osaka)”

Mukai Saketen 向井酒店

by Matt Kaufman Visited Mukai Saketen, an 80 year old tachinomiya near Temmabashi. Fantastic old relic. They have a 70 year old sake poster of a geisha on the wall. Like drinking in a museum. I noticed an interesting plant. The mama told me it was wasabi. They grow their own. Get out at JRContinue reading “Mukai Saketen 向井酒店”

Susumu すすむ Standing Yakiniku @ Temmabashi

by Matt Kaufman Had the best yakiniku meal at SUSUMU in Temmabashi. The first place I’ve been to that serves LAMBCHOP (¥500) in Japan. Everything was delicious. I also enjoyed YEBISU CREAMY TOP on tap. Good beer. While I was there two young ladies from Singapore came in and asked if I could read Japanese.Continue reading “Susumu すすむ Standing Yakiniku @ Temmabashi”

Butthole Surfers vs Boredoms Live in Osaka (From Exile Osaka #2)

BUTTHOLE SURFERS vs. THE BOREDOMS Club Quattro 9/28 Publication: Exile Osaka: Japan Underground Bizarro World (Issue #2) Author: Matt Kaufman I was debating whether to see this show when it was announced because I had heard that after Lollapalooza and the Stone Temple Horseshit tour, the Buttholes had degenerated into some second rate cabaret loungeContinue reading “Butthole Surfers vs Boredoms Live in Osaka (From Exile Osaka #2)”