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The Hanatarash “Born To Be Wild/Omocha No Cha Cha Cha” Limited Edition of ONE. It comes with Eye’s TOOTH! (Exile Osaka #5)


Nobuyuki Ozaki of Prisoner #6 purchased the rare Hanatarash CD “Born To Be Wild/Omocha No Cha Cha Cha” which was recorded in a karaoke booth and sold for ¥15,000 at Forever 3 Records. It comes with Eye’s tooth!

Listen to it here:


What are the rarest BOREDOMS recordings ever?

“I have a Boredoms record that’s an edition of one. I swapped some early Masonna stuff [with Eye] for it. It’s cut right on top of an old New York Dolls record, so the needle slides back and forth from Boredoms to Dolls. Really great.”–Yamazaki of Masonna, as quoted in Bananafish #9.

Another rare Boredoms record made by Eye on the vinyl cutting machine he bought at a flea market is Chiki Bon Bon (one copy only, which was priced at ¥100000 ($1000 U.S.) upon release, sold at GIGA and bought by Ozaki of Prisoner No. 6)

Below: The only photo of The Boredoms Chiki Bon Bon in existence.


Info from the great Boredoms disography site:

Photos courtesy of Nobuyuki Ozaki.