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Parking Lot Yakitori: Namba Yatai Yumeya (Sennichimae)

I went to Yumeya 夢屋 last night, the yakitori place in the parking lot. It really was some of the best yakitori I have ever had. You get a big portion for 150 yen. The meat is fully cooked. Incredible. I brought my wife there and she loved it. Great atmosphere.15-20 people can easily fit inside. There are no walls, only plastic sheets, but the place is fully heated. There are two masters, Gian and Suneo, both named after Doraemon characters (see last photo). When we went Suneo was working. Friendly guy…he told us to call him by his first name instead of Master. Took our photo at the end and stapled it to the wall. My wife loved the tebasaki (chicken wing) oden. I had two beers and the bill came to 2,200 for two people. Very reasonable. (Directions 大阪市中央区千日前2丁目5-17 Sennichimae 2 Chome 5-17..Make a right at Bic Camera. Walk 1 1/2 blocks. You’ll see the Parking sign and an alley (Next to Nishinoryu chanko nabe restaurant) Or simply get out of exit 25 of Namba Walk. Open 7:00PM-5:00AM.

Yumeya1 Yumeya2 Yumeya2 Yumeya3 Yumeya3 Yumeya4   YumeyaKampaiYumeya8Yumeya7 Yumeya5

Sign says. (rough trans) “Our freshly-slaughtered chicken is too delicious. Do not eat! Danger! Our chicken is so delicious that it will cause trauma” This is a pun because toriuma means “delicious chicken” but the “ri” is crossed out and replaced with “ra” so it reads as “torauma” (trauma).

Yumeya is in the parking lot near Koushiya (see post)

December 19th, 2013 by Matthew M. Kaufman


Koushiya (Namba Sennichimae)

Koushiya (子牛屋) Located 10 seconds away from Yumeya. Tiny standing yakiniku place that fits no more than 6 people. Feels like you stepped into Japan in the 1950s (It actually started off as a postwar black market shop). You cook your own meat on a shichirin. They have six dishes: tan (tongue)、mino (tripe)、kokoro (heart) harami (tender meat around the diaphragm.) tsurami (?) . All 600. The sauce contains a lot of green onions. Excellent. Beer: daibin is 500. I recommend having one or two dishes at this place before going to Yumeya or Marufuku. Not a place you stay at for more than 30 minutes. Very Expensive if you don’t watch what you order! I had a great time talking to the other customers. Open from 大阪市中央区千日前2-5-12 (Sennichimae 2-5-12) Koushiya (子牛屋)


Koushiya is the tiny place on the left side of the street (see last photo). Make a right at Bic Camera. Walk 1 1/2 blocks. You’ll see the Parking sign and an alley (Two doors down from to Nishinoryu chanko nabe restaurant). Or simply get out of exit 25 of Namba Walk



難波マルフクMarufuku (Namba)

Located across the street from Bic Camera. Cross the Sennichimae and walk into the shotengai. Turn right at the takoyaki restaurant with the red awning . Marufuku is the third restaurant down. The master is a very friendly guy from the Philippines who has lived in Osaka for 30 years. Marufuku specializes in cheap meat dishes for ¥160 to ¥350 (you don’t have to like horumon to enjoy them). I recommend the tontoro (fatty meat around the cheek and the neck ¥250) hanasuji (snout ¥250), kobukuro ( that’s what I ate ¥250), rosu (sirloin, ¥300). Be sure to try the special sauce on the counter. Beer: namachu is ¥350 and a daibin or Kirin or Asahi is ¥390 (now ¥440). Be sure to try Kobe Cup Sake for ¥250. Glass bottles of Pepsi are ¥120. Ask the master about the ¥800 beer and 2 meat special. He speaks English fluently. Open from 4PM to 5AM weekdays. 1PM to 5AM weekends and holidays.
住  所:大阪市中央区千日前1-9-19  (Sennichimae 1-9-19)Image