Kasetaniya 1956-2018 [closed] 綛谷屋酒店

  by Matt Kaufman. All photos by Ross Randles Everyday from Monday to Saturday, at around 4:30, with the exception of Sunday and national holidays, Seinosuke Kasetani, 94 and Toshiko Kasetani, 83, can be seen outside preparing to open their liquor shop, Kasetaniya Saketen, which has been in the neighborhood since 1956 on the cornerContinue reading “Kasetaniya 1956-2018 [closed] 綛谷屋酒店”

難波マルフクMarufuku (Namba)

by Matt Kaufman Located across the street from Bic Camera. Cross the Sennichimae and walk into the shotengai. Turn right at the takoyaki restaurant with the red awning . Marufuku is the third restaurant down. The master is a very friendly guy from the Philippines who has lived in Osaka for 30 years. Marufuku specializesContinue reading “難波マルフクMarufuku (Namba)”

Parking Lot Yakitori: Namba Yatai Yumeya (Sennichimae)

I went to Yumeya 夢屋 last night, the yakitori place in the parking lot. It really was some of the best yakitori I have ever had. You get a big portion for 150 yen. The meat is fully cooked. Incredible. I brought my wife there and she loved it. Great atmosphere.15-20 people can easily fitContinue reading “Parking Lot Yakitori: Namba Yatai Yumeya (Sennichimae)”

Koushiya (Namba Sennichimae)

Koushiya (子牛屋) Located 10 seconds away from Yumeya. Tiny standing yakiniku place that fits no more than 6 people. Feels like you stepped into Japan in the 1950s (It actually started off as a postwar black market shop). You cook your own meat on a shichirin. They have six dishes: tan (tongue)、mino (tripe)、kokoro (heart) haramiContinue reading “Koushiya (Namba Sennichimae)”