Searching for Kampai-Man at Sake no Daimaru

       酒の大丸 @ 都島 by Matt Kaufman Inspired by the documentary, Searching For Sugarman, Shorinji Wes Osaka and I set out in the pouring rain to Sake no Daimaru in Miyakojima to find the legendary drinker who graced the cover of a book on Osaka dive bars that was published in 2003. We showed the bookContinue reading “Searching for Kampai-Man at Sake no Daimaru”

Tunnel Yokocho Nishi Kujo

by Matt Kaufman Tunnel Yokocho トネル横丁(tunnel alley) is home to six bars and restaurants, three on each side of a narrow passageway that runs through a building across the street from Nishi Kujo Station on the Loop Line. Tunnel Yokocho was named after the nearby Ajigawa Ito (aka Ajigawa Tunnel) which was completed in 1944.Continue reading “Tunnel Yokocho Nishi Kujo”

Haginochaya Triple Crown Part 2: Taishu Sakaba R&R

by Matt Kaufman Three excellent restaurants, located side by side to one another make barhopping a breeze in downtown Osaka. (OSAKA) I was drinking at Mabuhai with The British Record Collector Analog Attack. We were having a good time chatting with a few of the regulars, one of whom was Mr Yukio Patario, a prolificContinue reading “Haginochaya Triple Crown Part 2: Taishu Sakaba R&R”

Watabe Saketen 渡部酒店@Ashiharabashi

Watabe Saketen. I accidentally found this place after my wife made a wrong turn. Made a mental not of the name and looked it up when I got home. We got a very nice welcome. The owners and customers are Hanshin Tigers fans and they were playing rivals the Tokyo Giants with the score tiedContinue reading “Watabe Saketen 渡部酒店@Ashiharabashi”

Sankaku Shokudo 三角食堂@Kishinosato Tamade

by Matt Kaufman A short walk from Tamade Kishinosato Station on the Nankai Line, Sankaku Shokudo is a cozy little dive located in a triangle shaped building that has been serving locals for over 30 years. We got the oyakko domburi (¥550) and the niku itami (¥450). Definitely off the beaten path. Has yet toContinue reading “Sankaku Shokudo 三角食堂@Kishinosato Tamade”

Kasetaniya 1956-2018 [closed] 綛谷屋酒店

  by Matt Kaufman. All photos by Ross Randles Everyday from Monday to Saturday, at around 4:30, with the exception of Sunday and national holidays, Seinosuke Kasetani, 94 and Toshiko Kasetani, 83, can be seen outside preparing to open their liquor shop, Kasetaniya Saketen, which has been in the neighborhood since 1956 on the cornerContinue reading “Kasetaniya 1956-2018 [closed] 綛谷屋酒店”

Stand Takachiho スタンド 高千穂

by Matt Kaufman Stand Takachiho is a popular little spot at the end of the Sanno Shotengai that attracts a mixed crowd of all ages. It’s a family owned business run by a delightful purple haired mama in her 80s. I was surprised that Takahiro has only been in business for two years. It seemsContinue reading “Stand Takachiho スタンド 高千穂”