Matt Kaufman’s Osaka Scum Report (1995) From Thora-Zine

This is my first Osaka Scum Report back 1995 in from Thora-Zine, a great mag from Austin, Texas published by Brent Bruni Comiskey. I regret writing that mean stuff about Jerry Garcia in the intro, but hey, I was in my 20s and thought that making fun of hippies was cool (forgive me). In theContinue reading “Matt Kaufman’s Osaka Scum Report (1995) From Thora-Zine”

Japan Noise: CCCC, Masonna, Solmania, Jojo Hiroshige etc.

CCCC with Yamamoto Seiichi (Omoide Hatoba) Solmania Jojo Hiroshige (Hijo Kaidan) with AV star Miki Sawaguchi at Bears. I have more photos from this show somewhere. Masonna and Fusao (Angel N Heavy Syrup). Masonna live at Bears I’ll add more noise photos as I find them.  All photos by Matt Kaufman.

Damo Suzuki and Michael Karoli of Can: Live in Osaka

Damo Suzuki and Michael Karoli of Can played Muse Hall in Osaka in 1997. This may be the only photo of Damo Suzuki and Yamataka Eye of The Boredoms. All photos (c.) Matt Kaufman.   Flier for Damo’s Network

Letters to Faxed Head (From Exile Osaka #4, 1996)

Letters to FAXED HEAD From Seventh Graders (age 12-13) at Osakabou Chugakko J.H.S. Text/Photos (c.) Exile Osaka Everyone is intrigued by Faxed Head — the mysterious band from Coalinga, California. When I heard they were coming to Japan, I almost burst a nut. I had purchased their debut CD a while back, and found myselfContinue reading “Letters to Faxed Head (From Exile Osaka #4, 1996)”